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ÁFEOSZ-COOP Federation (Hungarian National Federation of Consumer Co-operative Societies and Trade Associations)

ÁFEOSZ-COOP Federation is a Hungarian social partner. As such, it is responsible in contributing to the enhancement of competitiveness that can be reached through legislation in favour of companies and through the modernization of vocational training. In order to reach these aims, it is a founding member of the Permanent Consultation Forum between the Private Sector and Government, where they represent the Federation of the Small- and Medium-sized Companies, are members of the National Economics and Social Council and the Commercial Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee.

The Federation was formed in 1990 as successor of SZÖVOSZ (the Federation of Hungarian Cooperatives). Its main goal – as employer organization – is to represent the interests of the more than 1000 enterprises belonging to the Coop-group. By doing so, AFEOSZ-COOP Federation comments on the various draft legislation related to economics, financies and labour. They pay specific attention to the economic conditions of commercial activities in small towns and rural areas.

They also would contribute to the development of the Hungarian economy by operating the ÁFEOSZ secondary school in Kecskemét.