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Co-operative Bank of Kenya

The Co-operative Bank is owned by over 154,942 shareholders (as at 2011 close). Out of this, CoopHoldings Co-operative Society Limited owns 64.56%, with the rest held by other investors.

The Bank has an Authorised share capital of Kes 5,000,000,000 made up of 5,000,000,000 shares of Kes 1.00 each, and an Issued and fully paid capital of Kes 3,492,370,900 made up of 3,492,370,900 shares of Kes 1.00 each.

Our vision is to be the leading and dominant Kenyan bank with a strong countrywide presence, playing a central role in the co-operative movement and providing relevant and innovative financial services to our customers for the optimum benefit of all our stakeholders.

Our mission is to offer value-added financial services to our chosen market segments with special emphasis on the co-operative movement through a highly effective network of service points, excellent customer service and a highly motivated team of qualified personnel.