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Coop is based on cooperative values and principles. Coop must create value for their members, other customers and employees.
The Coop family success is down to selling honest products at attractive prices since 1896. However, business acumen is more than just a place to fill the refrigerator. We are a workplace that appreciates our employees' efforts every day. In Coop, we set the bar high, and we want to stretch very far to be the best. Not among the best, but the best! We demand and use big words like innovation and accountability. We believe them, even if it comes to environmental protection, labour rights or our customers' health. we're ahead, we look forward and we will see results. And we know that nothing motivates like the freedom to be able to act and decide. In Coop we measure success in the ability to make our customers and employees a little more than just satisfied.

Areas of accountability they focus on are: Environment and Ecology, Health, Ethical Trade, Climate protection, Employee rights and engagement.