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Coop Maison Verte

The Coop

The Coop La Maison Verte (the Coop) is a solidarity Cooperative that welcomes everyone. It is not a simple store for it is managed by its members who can take advantage of the benefits and specials it offers. Anyone can become a member and get involved in the Coop which democratic environment aims at satisfying everyone, sharing a common vision.

In partnership with other groups, the Coop works at promoting social involvement, sharing of knowledge and community action in order to favour and encourage healthy and sustainable environmental practices in our community. The Coop also holds workshops to help local groups promote their events and action, in a spirit of solidarity and support among members of the same community.

The Coop is also a café, a community space and an agora for its neighbors. After a few visit to the Coop there is a very good chance that you will be called by your first name and that your neighbor will talk to you as if you were a good old friend.

The Coop is a place where you will find ecological solutions for house cleaning and for responsible consumption. It is a local grocery store with a large range of bulk products and natural and organic foods.

The Coop develops partnerships with local farmers and organizes organic fruit and vegetable markets twice a week during the summer and once every two weeks during the winter.

Why do we do what we do?

* To become a prosperous and sustainable organization capable to measure its success according to its positive impact on environment, the community and people’s health and not only according to monetary benefit.

* To promote responsible consumption and provide alternatives for moderate consumption opposed to excessive consumption.

* To improve the quality of life of our community, and to protect and respect our natural environment.

How do we do what we do?

* Almost every month, the Coop organizes activities and workshops that are in accordance with its convictions.

* We are committed to operate democratically with the active participation of our members.

* We try hard to offer our products and services at the lowest possible prices.

* We privilege partnerships with local farmers and suppliers.

* Our working relationships are adapted to the ability and aspirations of each employee and our salaries are fair to everyone.

* We establish partnerships with organizations that share our values, our mandate and our priorities in order to build a community which is inclined to greater solidarity.