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Coop Norway

Coop Norway helps to secure and create common values for Coop in Norway, as well as contribute to the co-operative societies for the benefit of members. Coop Norway contributes to strengthening cooperation as farming, highlighting the uniqueness Coops and Coops representative in government agencies. The company is also a strategic and business advocate and works to ensure co-operative societies are getting the best possible conditions. In addition, it safeguards Coop Norway savings, finance and property management as well as communication with members and the development of effective member services and benefits.
In their values, Coop should show concern for people, animals and the environment and promote sustainable development. All of their choices and actions will be linked to this promise. They believe for a business to be called sustainable, three conditions should be met:
1. Economic healthy operation
2. Environmentally-friendly and environment-behavior
3. Ethical and social consideration, for example, to employees or producers in developing countries

Coop Norway sees their responsibility going beyond the usual to include:
Ethical trade: early member of the Ethical Trade Initiative and operate according to the ILO and UN standards
Fair-trade projects include Coop Norway Coffee partnership agreement with Sally Ann Salvation Army unit and the Mac Havelaar label
Aid and humanitarian work by way of the Coop Solidarity Fund with development and democratization projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Mozambique and Bolivia as well as partnering with Norwegian People's Aid in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
Environment: In 1990, the congress in Tromsø that Coop should be at the forefront in environmental work, and that consumers should be buying peace of mind through a range of environmentally friendly products.The Coop's environmental efforts, and those of its partners should be prevenative to ensure it leads in a sustainable direction
They have an organic brand: Coop Änglamark with farming principles and work closely with Oikos and Debio to guarantee this standard
Labels and standards they promote include the Swan, Flower, FSC, MSC and TCO