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EnerGreen Builders Co-operative

EnerGreen is committed to building and maintaining high quality sustainable buildings and we endeavour to use environmentally friendly building materials and practices. EnerGreen Builders Co-operative has been recognized by the home building industry as a designer and builder of some of the most energy efficient homes in New Brunswick. Using a passive solar design and detailed construction techniques EnerGreen incorporates simple low maintenance technology.

Based in the Tantramar region of southeast New Brunswick, Canada, we are committed to using local trades-people and goods produced in this region, as much as possible.

As a worker owned co-operative, with regard to work, our first priority is to provide meaningful employment to our members. Our members and our employees, who after a probationary period can apply to be members, are involved in a democratic decision making to manage and share the profits of the co-operative.

EnerGreen Builders Co-operative was started in 2006 and every year has shown itself to be sustainable in the following areas:
Environmental: energy efficient design and environmentally respectful products. We encourage homeowners to build smaller homes on land that has little use for domestic food production, needs a small amount of tree removal, or does not endanger wildlife habitation.
Social: encourages democratic, respectful participation of present members and actively encourages new people to join the membership. Educates itself and the wider public on the values, approaches, and techniques of energy efficient homes and co-operatives as a democratic business model.
Economic - each year the co-operative has made a modest profit while at the same time paying an hourly wages that are living wages for its members and it employees