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HSB Association

HSB’s housing co-operatives form a strong, common organisation. As an ethically responsible organisation, HSB wants to be an active model within the industry in climate issues and to be at the forefront of the development of a sustainable housing sector.

HSB’s climate effort is forceful, focusing on co-operation and progress. The enterprise entails active opinion-shaping together with other actors in society, and furthermore a change of the energy system within HSB. The transformation is aimed at increased energy conservation and increased utilization of renewable energy sources.
The goal is for their 100th anniversary in 2023, they will have reduced their carbon emissions (CO2e) by 40% and the rest of the HSB organization will have reduced its emissions by 50%

They have ongoing partnerships with a number of NGO's and organisations in Sweden to help them achieve their sustainability goals, for example with Hallbarstad in solar energy, the Turning Torso and Sustainable Hilda