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Kooperationens objective is to provide good service and establish good relationships with its members. Only in this way can we strengthen the organization's credibility and make it more visible externally. As an employer and interest, solves Kooperationen administrative and labor tasks for members; Kooperationen provides construction legal advice is part and joining in agreements mediator in conflicts of interest and interpretations and provides advice related to economics, human resource management, business law, public relations, marketing and media relations and training activities.

Vision and culture
Kooperationen must produce results that reflect the organization's competencies and desired knowledge sharing.

Kooperationen to be an open workplace characterized by important core values ​​of trust, cooperation and social responsibility .

Kooperationen to raise awareness about the cooperative philosophy and business enterprises in the community

Kooperationens also oversees Social Economic Enterprises, Denmark whose commitment is to the community and its development.