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Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse

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While Mondragon on the surface functions as a bookstore and coffeehouse, we also commit ourselves as a collective to political and social activism, providing a forum for progressive speakers. In general we have attempted to widen the space for activism and dissent in Winnipeg (and beyond). Our activism ranges from promoting a variety of ideas and lifestyles, to directly sponsoring and hosting events we consider politically important.Food politics is a central component of Mondragons principles. This refers to both the type of food we provide, and the way we choose our suppliers. In the first instance, we recognize that people arrive at vegetarianism/veganism for a variety of reasons. Health, ecology, animal liberation, and even human liberation. Each of which is powerful on its own terms, but veganism is not the only criteria for selecting menu items and suppliers. Ecological principles, human rights, labour conditions, the relative power that workers exercise over their workplace, commitment to community economic development, and of course quality, all inform our choices and suppliers. Through our move towards organics we hope to have eliminated many of our biggest concerns, but there are always new issues that arise.