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West Coast Environmental Co-operative

The vision of the Co-operative is to contribute to the integrated development of poor communities through facilitating income-generating environmental projects at local level that are driven by local communities.

The vision has economic, environmental and social objectives.


To turn degraded and alien infested veld on publicly owned and state land into pristine natural veld to generate income for local communities.
To enhance the tourism potential of the area by bringing back the natural vegetation and ensuring unspoiled scenery for tourists visiting the area.
To provide other environment-related services.

To enhance the aesthetic of the local environment.
To maintain or increase the permeable area available for the infiltration of storm water runoff.
To remove aliens and replace them with indigenous Coastal Fynbos.

To provide local recreational amenities contributing to environmental awareness within the local community.
To facilitate the establishment of a positive working relationship between local communities and the local government.
To provide community development through capacity building of local organisations.