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affordable housing

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Planet X Housing Co-operative was formed on December 2nd, 1987 under the Community Housing Program by a group of single people in need of secure housing in the inner city/inner west area. Planet X took up occupancy of its building in Chippendale on 18th June 1996. It is a three level building with a combination of 1 bedroom, studio and loft apartments. In 2002 it expanded to include 2 three bedroom houses in Marrickville to accommodate two families.

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HSB’s housing co-operatives form a strong, common organisation. As an ethically responsible organisation, HSB wants to be an active model within the industry in climate issues and to be at the forefront of the development of a sustainable housing sector.

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The vision of the Norwegian Co-operative Housing Movement is to offer its members the opportunity to acquire a decent home in a sustainable living environment. NBBL believes in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others, thus adhering to the co-operative principles stated in the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA).

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Confcooperative, established in 1919 is the largest, legally recognised national organisation for representing, assisting, protecting and auditing the member co-operatives.

It is organised territorially into 22 Regional Unions, 80 Provincial Unions and 5 Inter-provincial Unions.
The sectoral articulation that operates within the Confcooperative, revolves around 8 National Federations: housing, banking, agricultural, consumer co-operatives, fisheries, culture, tourism and sport, labour rights, production and services, social solidarity, healthcare and mutuals.

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Since 1984, Rooftops Canada has been providing technical expertise and leadership in low-cost housing and human settlements development around the world. Rooftops Canada brings an international perspective to the Canadian cooperative and social housing sector and provides opportunities for Canadians to share ideas and experiences with their overseas counterparts.

How do you get 12 year old boys to shovel manure? You make it inspiring...:)

We were an ecovillage project before we became a Cooperative. After our search and education we knew the a worker cooperative was the ideal ownership model. All hold the land in common, one member/one vote, and the opportunity to encourage private initiative all in one space with the support of the Coop.
The Land

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Tatamagouche Community Land Co-operative is project to transfer land from private ownership to community ownership using the community land trust model. Community land trusts remove land from the private property market and provide affordable long-term leases to residents. The land co-op was established on 100 acres of an old dairy farm and is home to Waldegrave Farm, the Free School and many other projects. More on the project can be found in this recent newspaper article.

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