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The Principle Six (P6) Cooperative Trade Movement exemplifies just and equitable trade relationships between farmers, producers, retailers and consumers rooted in cooperative principles and values. P6 is owned by and designed for co-ops. P6 is the symbol of a growing consumer-supported food economy recognizing product grown or produced locally, or internationally, by small farmers/producers, and cooperatives.

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Forest villages are located a long distance from cities. The living conditions in these villages are severe. Forest villagers have low-income. Their share in the national income is very low: the equivalent to about one quarter of the national income. The main income of these villagers comes from working in the forest and a very small amount from a few agricultural activities. They don’t own large pieces of agricultural land. Forestry work, however, lasts no more than five months, mostly in winter and is done under very harsh working conditions.

Established in 1997, iCOOP KOREA is consumer co-operative federation to promote ethical consumption and production on business consumers and producers manage together. Members’ co-operation and participation lead iCOOP KOREA to create an alternatives to meet members’ needs and issues in everyday life. Disclosure of information, effective management system, and members’ selection of products contribute to heighten Korean food safety standards. iCOOP KOREA practices ethical consumerism ‘to protect ourselves, our neighbors and the world’ for happiness of all members.

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Confcooperative, established in 1919 is the largest, legally recognised national organisation for representing, assisting, protecting and auditing the member co-operatives.

It is organised territorially into 22 Regional Unions, 80 Provincial Unions and 5 Inter-provincial Unions.
The sectoral articulation that operates within the Confcooperative, revolves around 8 National Federations: housing, banking, agricultural, consumer co-operatives, fisheries, culture, tourism and sport, labour rights, production and services, social solidarity, healthcare and mutuals.

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Cooperative association representing the interests of agricultural cooperatives in France at a local, national and European level. The role of the association is to provide support through networks and advice, educate through research and development and lobby for the interests of their members in government and EU policy .
Expertise lies in legal and tax advice, sustainable food chain, development, social and parliamentary affairs.

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