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climate change

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About Carbon Co-op

We believe the process of improving our homes to 2050 standards will be quicker, easier and cheaper if we work together, teaming up with friends and neighbours to share experience, knowledge and reduce costs through bulk purchase.

Established in 2008, we are a group of Greater Manchester residents who’ve begun to carry out changes in our own houses and communities, we've teamed up with housing specialists to look at what more we can do where we live.

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Earthworker is a community-led initiative providing local, sustainable, wealth-creating jobs that will contribute to a healthy planet and a safe climate.
We are setting up a Australia-wide network of community-owned cooperatives, beginning with Eureka’s Future – a worker-owned factory that will manufacture high-quality solar hot water systems in Morwell, in the heart of Victoria’s coal-producing LaTrobe Valley.

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