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credit union

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bankmecu is a new kind of bank in Australia – a customer owned bankTM. This means we put our customers first because they also own the bank. We pride ourselves on personal service. We also return benefits to our customers in the form of better interest rates and lower fees. Since 2003, our customers have been collectively better off banking with bankmecu than the major four banks. We also offer our customers a more responsible approach to banking.People want to bank with someone they can trust with their money and trust to act ethically. bankmecu can make and support this claim.

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At Vancity, our vision is to redefine wealth.

Our vision requires us to think differently about wealth—to re-envision prosperity as something we can only achieve if we are surrounded by and connected to a vibrant, healthy community that is sustainable for the long term.

While the traditional banking model focuses on increasing short-term profits for the benefit of shareholders, our vision focuses on meeting the long-term needs of our members and their communities.

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Economic integration and social commitments that promote sustainable development include solidarity savings, Socially Responsible Investment, Green loans for environmental projects, and Microcredit. With solidarity savings, member-customers can support citizenship and solidarity actions: insertion or microcredit associations, promoting sustainable development and humanitarian projects, business creation by people in trouble, housing for vulnerable families.

Their CSR commitments range from prcourement polciies, to waste and to green buildings.

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