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fair trade

Established in 1997, iCOOP KOREA is consumer co-operative federation to promote ethical consumption and production on business consumers and producers manage together. Members’ co-operation and participation lead iCOOP KOREA to create an alternatives to meet members’ needs and issues in everyday life. Disclosure of information, effective management system, and members’ selection of products contribute to heighten Korean food safety standards. iCOOP KOREA practices ethical consumerism ‘to protect ourselves, our neighbors and the world’ for happiness of all members.

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Alfalfa House is a not-for-profit cooperative that aims to provide, where possible, minimally packaged and minimally processed, affordable, wholesome, organic food to its members.

Most of what the co-op sells is un-packaged. Shoppers bring their own containers and scoop, pour or ladle out the exact amount they want. Neither you nor the environment pay for unnecessary packaging.

As well, you only buy what you need - the price per kilo is the same whether you buy 5 grams or 5 kilos! The co-op stocks a surprisingly wide range of foods for such a small shop.

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The Coop La Maison Verte is an environmental solidarity Cooperative that welcomes everyone. It is not a simple store for it is managed by its members who can take advantage of the benefits and specials it offers. Anyone can become a member and get involved in the Coop which democratic environment aims at satisfying everyone, sharing a common vision.

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KF (owner of Coop Sweden) has a long tradition of involvement in environmental issues. The focus of the environmental work has ranged from the 1970s campaigns against littering and packaging, 1980s incipient investment in a range of organic products to the 2000s climate commitment. In 1970 established the KF an environmental composed of researchers, as well as a conservation laboratory for working facts based on environmental issues.

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Coop Norway helps to secure and create common values for Coop in Norway, as well as contribute to the co-operative societies for the benefit of members. Coop Norway contributes to strengthening cooperation as farming, highlighting the uniqueness Coops and Coops representative in government agencies. The company is also a strategic and business advocate and works to ensure co-operative societies are getting the best possible conditions.

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Equal Exchange's mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and to demonstrate, through our success, the contribution of worker co-operatives and Fair Trade to a more equitable, democratic and sustainable world.

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