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food and beverage

We are a group from St. Catharines, Ontario, who have a strong desire to see the essential food needs met with our downtown community. We feel it is essential that there be a place to shop within our community that is accessible, affordable and sustainable. It is our aim to both, nourish our bodies, and build community spirit in our downtown neighbourhoods.

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KF (owner of Coop Sweden) has a long tradition of involvement in environmental issues. The focus of the environmental work has ranged from the 1970s campaigns against littering and packaging, 1980s incipient investment in a range of organic products to the 2000s climate commitment. In 1970 established the KF an environmental composed of researchers, as well as a conservation laboratory for working facts based on environmental issues.

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Coop is based on cooperative values and principles. Coop must create value for their members, other customers and employees.

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Established in 1946, this dairy co-operative opened in response to exploitative labour and farming practices in Gujarat, India. The co-operative was so successful, that in 1965 the Prime Minister of India declared it should be the National Dairy Development policy - that all the dairy famers should form a co-operative and thus the National Dairy Development Board was born that still manages the largest dairy production in the world.

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