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international development

Edge of India

Edge of India is a network of rural communities in remote parts of India, offering homestays in villages 'off the beaten track' with extraordinary cultural and natural heritage. The network was developed through a programme funded by the Scottish Government and implemented by partners in India and Scotland, including Dunira Strategy, Ezone, Queen Margaret University and the Strategic Initiatives, Government & Advisory (SIGA) division of YES BANK.

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KF (owner of Coop Sweden) has a long tradition of involvement in environmental issues. The focus of the environmental work has ranged from the 1970s campaigns against littering and packaging, 1980s incipient investment in a range of organic products to the 2000s climate commitment. In 1970 established the KF an environmental composed of researchers, as well as a conservation laboratory for working facts based on environmental issues.

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Oikocredit is a worldwide cooperative society. It promotes global justice by challenging people, churches and others to share their resources through socially responsible investments and by empowering disadvantaged people with credit.
Values include: People, Sharing, Ecumenical Spirit, Grassroots, Integrity and The Environment.
They lend money to microfinance institutions around the world with an emphasis on: rural areas, women, agriculture and trade

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Since 1984, Rooftops Canada has been providing technical expertise and leadership in low-cost housing and human settlements development around the world. Rooftops Canada brings an international perspective to the Canadian cooperative and social housing sector and provides opportunities for Canadians to share ideas and experiences with their overseas counterparts.

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