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renewable energy

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The Green Energy Co-operative of Ontario (GECO) is a “For Profit” Renewable Energy Co-operative that provides a membership and investment opportunity for Ontario residents to own and generate returns from green energy projects in their community and other communities across Ontario, creating clean local power while supporting local employment and community development.

GECO has a portfolio of 18 Solar Projects in progress with a total of 6,200 kW of capacity. All of these 18 Projects have contracts with the Ontario Power Authority under the OPA’s FIT 2.1 program.

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About Us

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Som Energia is Catalunya's first renewable energy cooperative. The model is already well developed and functioning successfully in northern European countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. There, hundreds of thousands of home owners are members of non-profit cooperatives that provide them with affordable electricity generated by wind turbines, solar panels, biogas plants etc.

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"Support in the most dynamic and effective the protagonist economic, social and civil co-operative enterprises."
For 125 years this is the goal of Legacoop, the association currently has more than 15,000 cooperative enterprises , active in all regions of our country and in all sectors, able to create wealth and development by putting people at the centre people and the territory.

EnerGreen is committed to building and maintaining high quality sustainable buildings and we endeavour to use environmentally friendly building materials and practices. EnerGreen Builders Co-operative has been recognized by the home building industry as a designer and builder of some of the most energy efficient homes in New Brunswick. Using a passive solar design and detailed construction techniques EnerGreen incorporates simple low maintenance technology.

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The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) is the organization that represents the interests of over 900 electric cooperatives in the United States, to various legislatures. Independent electric utilities are not-for-profit and are owned by their members. The Association, which was founded in 1942, unites the country's generation, transmission and distribution cooperatives which are found in 47 states and serve over 40 million people.

How do you get 12 year old boys to shovel manure? You make it inspiring...:)

We were an ecovillage project before we became a Cooperative. After our search and education we knew the a worker cooperative was the ideal ownership model. All hold the land in common, one member/one vote, and the opportunity to encourage private initiative all in one space with the support of the Coop.
The Land

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When ElektrizitatsWerke Schonau (EWS) decided to buy the grid in 1991, the energy market was not yet liberalised and financial support systems were absent. By buying the grid, EWS aimed to reorganise it in an ecological manner. In order to transform the grid and the energy production, EWS stimulated citizens to install renewable energy production units by facilitating their connection to the grid and by paying special feed-in tariffs. At the moment the produced energy of citizens is exported to the grid and they are compensated through the EEG.

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Citizen Energy Berlin is raising capital by member shares to buy the city's energy grid when it goes on sale in 2014. It has recruited around 1,000 members, each paying a minimum of €500 (£430) a share. They have built a movement aimed at putting the city grid under citizens' control to supply energy from renewable suppliers towards helping Germany's transition to renewable energy 'energiewende'.

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Energyshare is an ethical cooperative company created to produce and deliver renewable electricity and other products and services to its members.

Its members own shares in the business and have a say in how it operates and the services and products it delivers.



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