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Yuill Herbert's picture

Fewer cars on the road means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and less traffic in our city.

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Purpose: To establish a community owned, full service, and environmentally and economically sustainable CarShare co-operative.

- Decrease personal vehicle use and dependence on fossil fuels
- Provide affordable access to vehicles
- Reduce Saskatoon's greenhouse gas emissions
- Encourage residents to use active transportation and support community transit when possible

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"We eat locally, and so do our cars" is the Cowichan Bio-Diesel Co-op's (CB-DC) motto. Currently, our 200 plus members have easy access to 100% Bio-Diesel (B100) made from locally recycled waste cooking oil, and produced right here in the Cowichan Valley.

CB-DC’s waste oil is collected from local restaurants who use vegetable oil. They are part of our Eat Better Locations program. It’s a win-win situation, because when we eat better, our vehicles smell better.

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